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This metal sculpture resembles a mounted deer's head and is titled
"John Doe"

mild steel, wood, paint


(detail image)


Erganic Design
This metal sculpture by AJ Fisher Design is titled

mild steel, paint


(detail image)


Erganic Sasquatch. Copyright AJ Fisher Design

mild steel, wood, powder-coat finish


Erganic Design

This ray gun rifle has a working spring-tensioned trigger, a toggle switch-activated power light indicator, leather bandolier, and access plates that are removable. Sadly, the alien power supply cannot be replicated on Earth. 2005 AJ Fisher Design.
"Ray Gun Rifle"

steel, paint, leather


(detail image 1)
(detail image 2)

Robotic Liberty Leading the People. An ominous, steel robot boldly traverses a digital landscape. It commands a permanent flag in one hand and a combination ray gun and bayonette in the other. �2007 AJ Fisher Design and
"Robotic Liberty Leading the People"

mild steel


(detail image)


A serpent slung over a t-shaped perch. �2006 AJ Fisher Design. Erganic Design.

mild steel


(detail image 1)
(detail image 2)


Erganic Design

Erganic Pony. �2007 AJ Fisher Design. Erganic Design.

mild steel

9 1/2"

(opposite image)


Erganic Design

�2004 AJ Fisher Design. Erganic Design.

mild steel, powder-coat finish



Erganic Design

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